Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bad First Impression

Someone who calls herself an executive recruiter asked to establish contact with me on one of those professional networking sites I got suckered into joining. Here's her attempt at making a good first impression. Aside from the highlighting I've done, it appears exactly as she posted it. There's nothing added, nothing subtracted:

I initially study the job position for which the recruitment is carried out. Then specifies the job description by considering the different skills and qualities essential for the particular job position. This study also helps them to analyze the candidates during the interview process. Many a times the organizations hiring the third party recruiters provide adequate information about the job description.

As an executive recruiter, i have Excellent communicating skills, both written as well as verbal, Knowledge about personnel recruitment procedures, Expert in providing trainings .Adequate knowledge about labor relations, Providing efficient customer and personal service, Expert knowledge about management principles, Knowledge about using various computer software, Knowledge about human psychology, Expert resume reading skills.

My responsibilities are:
Understanding the actual job profile for which the recruitment has to be done
Studying the job position thoroughly and gathering all the necessary information about the particular job profile
Communicating with the supervisors and subordinates about the skills required to undertake the particular job
Preparing appropriate job description according to the analyzed job profile and requirements
Establishing and maintaining constructive and cooperative working relationships
Undertaking recruitment process by shortlisting candidates according to their resumes and personal interviews
Assessing good as well as bad qualities of the candidates and judging them efficiently
Interacting with the people outside the client organization, but related with that respective organization
Organizing, managing and prioritizing work effectively
Documenting and recording the information
Analyzing the gathered information and making quick and effective decisions
Evaluating the information and determining the compliance with standards

Who knows what will happen when I retire from the Air Force? Maybe I'll have need of an executive recruiter. I doubt it, but the future is wide open, so it's pretty hard to say definitely. One thing I can say with 100% certainty though, is that this particular executive recruiter (even with her "Excellent communicating skills," and "Adequate knowledge about labor relations,") will not be the one I turn to.


Yos said...

Engrish... all the way.

Steven Givler said...

The funny thing is, the photo indicates she's an all-American looking blonde. I expect it's some kind of scam.