Friday, May 17, 2013

Profiling - It's Bad, Right?

I'm confused on this.  Profiling is bad unless the IRS does it?  Is that how it works?


Unknown said...

I would rather not have the IRS profiling me. But then again Google is already inside our every move.

Ran said...

You make an excellent point.

One might wonder if all of this is akin to inoculation; catching a serious disease in order to develop antibodies and effective immune responses.

Humans seem to always need iterative learning. We faced tyranny once, responded, let down our guard, and it's back to step one - this time with experience on our side.

Soft tyranny is returned. The Infernal Revue's profiling of applications is just the iceberg's top. Profiling includes auditing crimes and data sharing crimes being alleged. These are the same cretins being placed in charge of our health care accounts? It's the equivalent of being flipped the bird and then jamming it in our eye.

On top of that are three other major scandals - GunWalker, AP Wiretapping and Benghazi. We haven't even gotten to the Green scams debacles.

These symptoms had to show at some point. It's time we faced evil and called it by it's name.