Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yesterday's Painting

Fishermen on the Marginal - a sight I see almost every day (depending on the tide)  and one I've been wanting to paint since I got here.  This is a small study for a larger painting I hope to start soon.

More importantly, happy Easter.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

North Korean Military Training Photos

I saw these in the UK Telegraph, and while the photos were interesting in and of themselves, I felt they could have done a much better job with the captions, so I decided to lend a hand.

Ret's Rock!

Are you sure that hair makes them more frightening?

AGGGH I bloke a nail!

It's SO embarrassing when we show up in the wrong uniform.

Soldiers of the Democratic Peoples' Republic of Korea race to ride in the only truck that has gas.

Pilots of the DPRK AF play rock, paper, scissors to determine who will fly today.

Kim Jong Un commemorates George Washington's crossing of the Delware

Feering a rittle seasick

Sing with me, comrade, "YMCA!"

Selecting the first round-eyed devil to be destroyed in a lake of fire

Friday, March 15, 2013

My New Car

My friend Senhor L. and I heard that two Land Rover Defenders were going to be auctioned off by a military unit that was closing down, so we went and had a look at them.  They seemed to be in pretty good shape, so we each put in a bid.

We won.

Mine is the blue one - a 1999 model with 139K kilometers, and Senhor L. is now the proud owner of the white one, which is two years newer and has about 20K fewer kilometers on the meter.  We need to wait for some paperwork to be completed, and they could each use some new tires.  Then we'll be driving safari-style.

I can't wait.