Thursday, October 18, 2012

Not About the Movie - CNN Knew in Advance That Violence was about US Policy, not "The Movie."

Do you have 12 minutes to spare?  How about just 7?  If you watch just the first 7 minutes of this clip, you'll see that CNN was interviewing leaders of the 9/11/2012 protest in Cairo as it happened.  Were they protesting the infamous movie?  Nope.  They were protesting the continued imprisonment in the US of the blind sheikh terror planner.

You will also see that al Qaeda had threatened to burn the US Embassy in Cairo to the ground, and you will hear what you probably know already - that when hundreds of people show up carrying the same signs and the same flags, you're not looking at a "spontaneous protest."

Why did CNN supress its own story?  It didn't fit the narrative.  It didn't work with administration spokesman Jay Carney's assertion that the violence was not in response to US policy, and it makes it clear that to anyone who was paying attention, the attacks should have been anticipated.

Tip of the hat to Conservative Treehouse.

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