Friday, September 14, 2012

On Embassies and Diplomats

The Givler Doctrine says this:

1. A nation should expect no aid from people whose embassies and diplomats it fails to protect.

2. If the first head that appears over your embassy wall does not meet with a bullet, there will be more.


Ran said...

Amen. Keep well. Kick butt.

Cincinnatus said...

You and I are apparently small0brained dinosaurs for even thinking those thoughts.

We should apologize for our sins and hope the merciful and compassionate mohammedans will forgive us.

And if they do not, it is our own fault.

At least that is the message I am getting from Obidon.

Steven Givler said...

Yes, I confess. Smallbrained dinosaur here. I think in black and white, eat meat, and think wars should be declared and fought until the enemy offers his unconditional surrender.

I belong to a by-gone age.

By the way, the photo on your website - is that from somewhere between San Angelo and, say, Paint Rock? I used to wade those streams and irrigation channels looking for fresh-water pearls.