Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Does the National Weather Service Carry Weapons?

Maybe the National Weather Service is just tired of jokes about weather forecasters.  Maybe they're sick of people who don't believe in Global Warming.  Or Global Cooling.  Or Climate Change.  Maybe they're onto  an exciting new cloud seeding program, that uses .40 caliber bullets to end droughts.  Either way, I think it's kind of odd that the Weather Service - Read that again, the Weather Service is ordering 46,000 .40 caliber hollowpoint bullets and 1500 paper targets.  Does the NWS even carry weapons?

An interesting point of trivia for those not experienced in the shooting sports: Hollow point bullets, which expand on impact with flesh, in order to do as much destruction as possible, are not normally used for target practice, because they're more expensive.  They're used for killing people, and normal, cheap, ball ammo is used for killing paper targets.  Another interesting point about hollow points - they're so effective that the US military isn't allowed to use them.  Hmm.

One has to wonder (not the least since one is paying the taxes that will buy these bullets) just what the heck are our friendly public servants at the National Weather Service up to?  Are they expecting years of drought or catastrophic storms that will tear apart the law and order fabric of our society, or is another government agency using them to make straw purchases to supplement their own?

I ask this because the Justice Department once made a few straw purchases of weapons in a little-known operation called Fast and Furious, so they're kind of experienced at that sort of thing.  I ask, also, because the Department of Homeland Security has also ordered about 46,000 rounds of ammo.  That's noteworthy enough, but if that order were doubled, as in adding their 46,000 to the National Weather Service's 46,000 (strange that they both ordered the same number, isn't it?) that might raise some eyebrows, might it not?

Maybe it's time to invest in a bullet-proof umbrella.

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Ran said...

Clerical Error.

These guys can't even get food stamps right... and they want to run our health care system?