Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Tall Ships Race 2012

The 49 participants in this year's Tall Ships Race have been in Lisbon for the last four days.  Going down to the harbor was like stepping back in time.  It's one thing to see one or two of these beautiful ships tied up somewhere, but to find so many in one place is another thing entirely.
Here, the cross on the sail of the Portuguese ship, Sagres, makes a nice foreground for the Cristo Rei statue on the other side of the Tagus.
The ships paraded under the 25 April bridge this afternoon, and now many of them are back in Tamariz Bay, just below the house.

They'll depart tomorrow for the next leg of the race.


Ran said...

Two thoughts:

The Wright brothers' planes were at first much like these ships; Wire and rope tension and wooden compression members, stretched fabric for thrust or lift.

Also: These ships remind me of my favorite novel series, by Patrick O'Brian: The Aubrey/Maturin set known informally as "Master and Commander."


Steven Givler said...

That is a terrific series of books. I was lucky enough to find them as I was traveling around Iraq a few years ago. They were part of a small library people had donated. Anyone passing through Camp Victory in Baghdad was able to take what interested them. I doubt people realized what a gift they had provided by making it possible to read great books there.