Thursday, October 06, 2011

New Idea for Paintings

A few weeks ago, I drove past an old house where they were putting in new windows.  Along the street in front of the house were lined up all the old ones.  It seemed to me that some of the small ones would make interesting picture frames, so I grabbed them.

I haven't had much time to paint since then, so it took me weeks to finish a painting to test my idea.  Since the window is separated into four panes, I wanted a subject that was simple and bold, so it would hold its own against the distraction of the window construction.  I came up with the above painting, which is of a common sight here - a corner lookout post on a coastal fort.  Here's how it looks framed in the window:

I work in a windowless under ground facility.  I'm going to take this to work and hang it on my wall, so I'll be the only person in the building whose office has a sea view.

1 comment:

Ran said...

Nice! I like the spontaneity of it.

As for the windowless underground facility...

...hey, I hear the Israelis have these new window-openers for just such contingencies. Plan 'B' if they make you take it down?