Thursday, October 27, 2011

DoJ Imposes Damages for Being Insufficiently Accomodating to Islam

I first wrote about this when Ms Khan initially brought suit against her employer, a school district that balked at releasing her  for 3 weeks so that she could make her pilgrimage to Mecca. 

Ms Khan had taught at the Berkeley Illinois School District for only about a year, and even her union contract denied the leave she requested.  Despite this, and despite the fact that she could have made the pilgrimage at a time that did not interfere with the school year (and not to mention the fact that she asked for just about twice as much time off as the pilgrimage would have required) the Department of Justice sued on her behalf, saying that the school district should have accomodated her religious requirements, even though she was the only math lab teacher, and she was asking to be gone for 21 days prior to student exams.

The district, finding itself beseiged not only by its unreasonable employee, but also by the power of the federal government, settled, and has agreed to pay $75,000 and establish a "religious accommodation training program."

The Department of Justice - remind me again why we call them that?

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