Thursday, June 30, 2011


I recall that in Monterey's salad days, the canneries were kept in business by Portuguese fishermen, who kept them supplied with sardines. 

Now, in Portugal, I'm reminded of that fact, as the sardine is king during the months without Rs (May, June, July, August).  Walk the promenade along the beach from Cascais to Oeiras, and you will smell them roasting on coals.  They smell great, but they're just too bony for me to enjoy eating them.

Painting them is a lot of fun, though.  This attempt isn't finished yet, but I think it's coming along swimmingly.


Ran said...

Happy Fourth Steven!

Maggie@MaggiesNotebook said...

You paint too! I remember as a little girl we would have canned sardines and saltine crackers for lunch. Delicious (and my Mother tells me I was a picky eater). We also occasionally had Vienna sausages. Such a treat!

Many years later, after a very long absence of Vienna sausages, I tried them once again. Terrible. How could I have eaten the joyfully, once upon a time?

I haven't found the courage to try the canned sardines again (undoubtedly much different from fresh and roasted).

Cincinnatus said...

That sardine painting is quite nice.