Saturday, February 19, 2011

Latest Project with Zoe

A few weeks ago, I noticed some old lockers that were being thrown away, and I asked if I could have one.  I took it home and Zoe and I decided to fix it up for her room.  Here's a shot of Zoe, all dressed up in one of my old T-shirts, getting ready to give it a good scrub.
She cleaned the inside and I wet-sanded the exterior so it would take a fresh coat of paint.
We took off the brass door latch and the name plate before we gave it several good coats of white spray paint.  Zoe wanted to decorate it further with flowers that match the colors of her room.  We gave a lot of thought to different methods of stenciling the flowers, but I didn't want to use masking tape on the new paint, so we came to a standstill for a while.

Yesterday I was in the grocery store and happened to find rolls of rubbery non-skid material that were the exact colors of Zoe's room.  I thought instead of painting the flowers, we could glue them on.  Here's Zoe cutting the material.

 I was going to just stick the tops of the flowers on the locker, but Zoe wanted them attached to stems.  I was a little skeptical, but it's her locker, so we went with her idea. 

I'm glad we did.  I think it worked out very nicely.

Oh, we made a name tag too.


Ran said...

Awesome! Lucky kid. She will always remember that.

Adrienne said...

I took it home and Zoe and I decided to fix it up for her room.

When I first read that I thought, "holy cow - that's pretty small for a little girl to live in even if she is small." I had an instant mind flash of her sleeping in an upright and locked position. Too funny!

Anyhoo - nice job

Steven Givler said...

We sewed a hanger into her pajamas and just hang her up at night. She wasn't comfortable with me closing the door at first, but she'll get used to it...