Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Tried to Sell Classified Information

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Navy Reserve Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class Bryan Minkyu Martin of Mexico, NY was arrested last week for selling classified information to someone who turned out to be a fed.  Oops.  Now he's in the brig at Norfolk, awaiting what I sincerely hope will be his hanging. 

How can I express the depths of my loathing for this subhuman piece of crap?  It's poetic justice that this comes to light on the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Maybe this infamous date and the Wikileaks lunacy will combine to convince Americans that treason is not to be dealt with lightly.

When I (and many of my friends who will be reading this) were young enlisted troops, we endured hours of painful instruction on the proper handling and protection of classified information.  We all took our turns going through the trash can at work, ensuring nothing classified had inadvertently been tossed into it, and we probably all made at least one minor mistake, for which each of us was written up and made to feel appropriately sorry for the momentary loss of focus that led to it.

The mistake that landed this jackass in the brig was no momentary loss of focus.  Despite all the training, despite knowing the importance to the enemy of the information he was divulging (He sold secret and top secret information relating to Afghanistan.) he collected it, smuggled it out of the secure facility where it belonged, and found someone willing to give him money for it.  He even bragged about how, in the future, he would have access to even more valuable information, assuring his "buyer" that he would someday be working for the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

Guys like Navy Reserve Intelligence Specialist 3rd Class Bryan Minkyu Martin of Mexico, NY (Soon, I hope, to be referred to as "convict Bryan Minkyu Martin of Mexico, NY) are trained at least annually in Operations Security and Information Security.  Before he received his security clearance, he would have watched training videos about counter intelligence, and espionage.  He would have been warned that nobody makes enough money selling information to make it worthwhile, because once you've made that compromise, you belong to whomever you're selling to, and they can make you do anything they want, with or without remuneration. 

On top of all that training, he would know that selling information can get people killed.  People that he trained with, people that looked out for him, people with spouses and kids and parents.  He would know all those things, and if he had even the smallest amount of human dignity, he would have safeguarded the information entrusted to his care.

He has no human dignity.  He willingly sold out everyone who depended on him, and he disgraced his uniform.  If he does hang, it will be too good for him.

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