Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ponte 25 de Abril

Yesterday was a typical Portuguese winter day; not so cold, but windy and rainy, with very dramatic clouds.  This was the view from the southern end of the 25 April Bridge, which crosses the Tagus River from Lisbon to the Setubal Penninsula.

The bridge was origninally named after Portugal's dictator, Salazar, but is now known by the date on which he was overthrown.  The color brings to mind the Golden Gate Bridge, in San Francisco, which is funny, since this particular bridge was designed, not by the folks who built the Golden Gate, but by the people who built the Oakland Bay Bridge.

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Ran said...

Bit of a sad joke, really. 25th of April was the day they traded autocracy for fascism. Yay. Yipee. Morons.

Contrary to Michael Ledeen's claim, Portugal did not embrace freedom - certainly not Liberty in the classical American sense of it. So they "have a vote!" and the EUnuchs will tell you. So what? They're stuck in an over-taxed, under-productive unionized nanny-state that is going the H3ll in debt. Whoopie! - as in "cushion."

Right. Where was I? Yes... the bridge, or rather, the photo. You have an eye for the frame and composition.