Monday, December 06, 2010

Future Paintings

Sorry I haven't been posting in a while.  I've been busy since I got home and, to tell you the truth, I just haven't been feeling like myself.
The other day I took a walk along the shore before I went to work.  It has been raining almost daily for the last couple weeks, but that particular morning was clear and warm.  I headed for the moorish-style fortress along the shore that I've been wanting to photograph for a long time.  The pictures require morning light, so my timing was perfect. 
Like I said, it's been raining lately.  It's nice to see the summer brown-out turn back to green.


Keith Miller said...

Steven, This should make a beautiful painting. If you get the chance, go over to Granada and check out the AlHambra sometime. I'd love to have one of your paintings from there. I was watching an old Andres Segovia clip, and the opening shot is through these moorish windows there. I had taken a photo from that exact spot probably 10 years ago. I was aware that he'd done a famous concert there when I visited, and I took a photo of the reflecting pool near where he performed. You'd have no problem finding a perfect painting subject at almost any turn, I assure you.

Ran said...

Shamrocks!? No wonder it's raining. Perhaps you should be looking somewhere for a bunch of shipwrecked leprechauns...