Thursday, July 01, 2010

New Home for my Paintings

Angle of Attack

The name server that was hosting my painting site failed to renew its domain name, leaving several other painters and me suddenly without access to the sites where we have been displaying our work. I redirected my name server, at least temporarily, and hung a small fraction of my paintings on my new site. Once again, you can go to to see my paintings of Iraq, California, Saudi Arabia, and Portugal.

Red Steer

Grass and Fog

Thursday Morning

Tree, Carmel Beach

Century Plant III

Gone to Seed

Morning Light


Bob Belvedere said...

Love your work, Steven.

Linked to at:
Steven Givler: Renaissance Man

Glenn Mark Cassel said...

Nice blog ya got here. I found this courtesy of Theo Spark at Last of The Few.
I put you up on my blogroll at Old Retired Petty Officer, if that's OK with you.

Unknown said...

That's really beautiful ! I really like your paints.

CDR Jean-Michel HAAS.

Steven Givler said...