Saturday, July 31, 2010


As I mentioned several posts back, work took me to Bavaria for about 2 weeks.  If ever the case was made that beauty springs from order, it was made there.

This is a typical Bavarian woodpile.  Everywhere I went, I saw stores of firewood stacked like this - every piece cut to precisely the same length and stacked neatly for the winter.

This 1956 BMW is in pristine condition.  I like how the front end of the car is the door.

This peak overlooks the village of Oberammergau.

The mountains make for a dramatic backdrop.

Here in Portugal we have graffiti.  In Bavaria, they have murals.

Neuschwanstein Castle, an icon of Bavaria

This is Schwangau, a village that seemed to have a strong Italian influence.  I wish I'd had more time to spend there.  Of course, that applies to every place I visited on my trip.  I didn't have nearly enough time to see all I wanted to see, or experience everything I wanted to.  

Once in a while there's something about a trip that makes it so special that I almost wish I hadn't gone.  I feel that nothing will compare to where I've just been, and that nothing will be the same after I've left.  That's what I was thinking as I left Bavaria. 

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Ran said...

Marvelous photography. You have an eye for light and for composition.