Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Mosab Yousef - the Administration's reward for HAMAS?

Please click the title of this post to read the blogprof's account of how the Obama administration may be conducting secret negotiations with HAMAS.

Now ask yourself: Does this have anything to do with the Department of Homeland Security's threat to deport Mosab Yousef back to HAMAS and certain death?

What better inducement could the administration offer to HAMAS than "Son of HAMAS" author, (convert to Christianity, and covert counter terror intelligence source for Israel)whom HAMAS has sworn to kill?

Can this administration be that callous? Can they be that cold-blooded? If they are, can they be so foolish as to believe that any promise by HAMAS in exchange for his blood would be a promise they could depend on?


Bob Belvedere said...

Steven: Would it be okay to quote rather extensively from your posting?

Ran said...


Paint one more little blue "O" on the fuselage.

Steven Givler said...

Well whatdya know about that?

It's a GREAT day!