Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Best Firewood in Town

Do you need firewood? Because if you do, I know the best place in town to buy it. These guys are from the Sudan, and they are the friendliest firewood salesmen around. Have a seat. They'll send for some coffee and you can sit and drink with them. If you prefer, they'll brew you some Bedouin coffee in the pot in the foreground of this photo.

It's very difficult to find people who'll let me take their picture here in Saudi Arabia, but these guys have always been friendly and happy to indulge me. The wood is very good too. It's completely dry and lights easily.

Campfires are popular in Saudi Arabia, especially during the winter time when the evenings are chilly. People will stop and build a fire at the drop of a hat. You'll often see families or groups of young men squatting around a fire right beside the highway, which seems odd, because you can drive for five minutes and get into the desert, away from traffic. For some reason, though, roadside fires seem to be the thing to do.

Those bags stacked beside the firewood are full of charcoal, by the way. At this souk you can get wood, charcoal, braziers, - and right next door is the camel souk, so you can buy a camel to carry it all home for you if you like.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes, a little friendliness is appreciated. Nice post.