Sunday, January 17, 2010

Alleys of Riyadh

I've been having a lot of trouble posting lately. Sorry for the long silence. To make up for it, I thought I'd show you one of the things I like to do here in Riyadh, which is walking around in the old parts of town, taking pictures of the narrow streets and alleys.
I like how the acacia-wood rain gutters stick way out to carry the rain away from the buildings. Otherwise the runoff would erode channels in the walls.

A lot of the buildings are in ruins. Although they look ancient, people there told me they are only about 50 years old. Some still have people living in them, but many of them are now being used as warehouses for local businesses.

These days you see a lot more of the cinder block and corrugated metal roof construction that appears on the right side of this photo. It's not as pretty as the mud brick buildings, but it lasts longer. Soon both types of buildings will be gone from this area. As I was walking around, I saw posters saying that the king had decreed that a park would be built in this location.

Here's a bonus photo. I snapped this as I walked past the mosque adjacent to the Saha al Adil (Square of Justice). This is where executions and punitive amputations are performed.


Deena & Tony said...

What a wonderful picture. How are you?

Melissa said...

fascinating.....all of it. I hope you are well and Stefan says hello! Please send a message of hello to Susan and the children - Melissa Hardie