Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tahir's Done

This one's finally done. I scratched away some of the paint from his eyes to create a reflected highlight, and I reworked some of the shading on his face. I also took the tone of his teeth down a couple of notches. They were just too bright. I have the weekend, which is Thursday and Friday here, to make progress on my next painting, which will be the boy holding a pidgeon. I posted his photograph a few weeks ago.
By the way, Happy New Year.


Keith Miller said...

Very well done, Steven!

Keith Miller said...


Sorry I missed your call, but it was great to hear your voice again, and I thank you for the kind thought. We had a really nice Christmas down at Disney World with Bobbi's Dad. We lost her Mom last Christmas, and we wanted to just get everyone away and keep them busy having fun with family. It worked out nice for everyone. Even Kristin went with us.

I visit your site often, and am amazed at the growth of your talent.

I also continue to keep you and your family in prayers, and I pray that God will keep you all safe and bless you this year.

Your friend,