Monday, November 17, 2008

Old Dira

I'm heading home for a couple weeks on Saturday. I'm so excited by the prospect that I haven't been sleeping well. Instead of lying there wishing I were sleeping, I get up and paint. This is one of the results.
Dira is a conglomeration of souks in Riyadh, near the clock tower, the courthouse, and the square where they administer beheadings and hand amputations. Surrounding the souks is a network of narrow alleys like these, where ancient buildings of mud and palm timber are stacked atop one another. Most of them are being torn down now, so whenever I can I prowl around taking pictures so I can paint it as it was.
This painting isn't finished yet. There will be a "no parking" sign in Arabic in that blank rectangle in the left-hand foreground when I'm done. I like the way it's shaping up though, so I thought I'd give you this preview. Besides, I won't be posting much for the next couple weeks.


Hangyakutya said...

Beautiful picture... I must learn more English idioms to be able to write this more varied ways.

I'm glad to read that you can spend a few weeks in the States. I wish you to have a very-very good time at home with your family!

Keith Miller said...

This is incredible just as it is! I really like the silhouette. It gives it a certain presence.

Steven Givler said...

Thanks! I've made a few small changes. I'll try to post the final version when I get home tonight.

Dave Hong said...

I really like the painting --great color contrasts that reflect the desert hues. Can you tell me more about what a "souk" is?
I understand you made a recent visit to the states to be with your family. So glad for you. You've been on my heart and mind.
Dave Hong