Friday, October 31, 2008

A Boy and His Pidgeon

This Yemeni boy was fun to talk to. Most people express surprise or even insurmountable disbelief that I can speak Arabic. This guy though, took it completely in stride. Why wouldn't I speak Arabic? That made communicating with him much easier, and much more fun. It was natural and almost effortless, despite my unfamiliarity with his particular dialect.

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Hangyakutya said...

Great pictures again! I am looking forward to the new ones you will paint on the grounds of the photos.

You can speak Arabic! It's not a casual knowledge. I've tried to learn Ivrit which is near to Arabic, but after a year of struggling I have given it up. I've found the grammar very hard to learn, and I could read only the words what I had known before because of the lack of the vowels. It's not an easy challenge. Congratulations!