Monday, July 07, 2008

Frog Heaven

This place is some kind of frog capital. Every morning I fish about a dozen frogs and toads out of our swimming pool. The all-time record haul was just a few days ago; I removed 42. This little tree frog is one of two that seems to have found a home in our pool-side umbrella.

Good Times

We rented this dumpster and filled it with the brush that's been accumulating around here. It took Zach and me about a week, with plenty of swimming breaks. Even though it's been very hot and humid, Zach never complained. His fencing instructor recently identified him as a sabre fighter, so we figured clearing up brush piles was a good way to prepare him for fighting with a heavier weapon.

Life in Georgia

Here's Susan in front of our house in a rare moment of relative relaxation. Usually she's impossible to photograph because she won't be still long enough.

Bluebird at Night

I hated to bother her, but I couldn't resist taking a picture of this bluebird in her nest. I couldn't get anywhere near her during the day, because she'd see me coming and take off. At night though, I was able to get close enough to snap this picture.

Nights in Rural Mississippi

We spent Independence Day at my mother-in-law's place in rural Mississippi. One of my favorite things about that place is the sounds you hear at night. It's too dark for you to see anything on this video, but you'll hear just a few of the critters that I like to listen to at night. Not making an appearance in this video, but commonly heard there are all manner of frogs and toads, coyotes, and owls.