Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A Note to Mr. Kerry

Dear Mr. Kerry,

You probably don't have the time to read this, let alone the inclination, coming, as this note does, from just another guy who is so stupid that he couldn't keep himself out of Iraq.


But just in case you do read it, or one of the people who does your reading for you sees it, I'd like you to know that, even if you are clever enough and man enough (or your party members apply pressure enough) to apologize for implying that my brothers and sisters and I are in the military because we're stupid, there is at least one military man (who speaks four languages and holds a master's degree) who will not be accepting your apology.

Call it the prerogative of the simple-minded.

But don't let me prevent you from continuing to tell the world how you really feel. Instead, let me encourage you in this refreshing (if accidental) honesty.

Whether or not you continue though, rest assured that those of us in uniform will continue to fight for the freedoms you enjoy.


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