Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Filling Frames

Here's another of the little paintings I'm doing.

The frame is one of the ones I got on sale. It's tough to photograph paintings in frames, because the glass always gives you a reflection, but I figured I'd show you what the frames look like.

The store where I bought the frames was closing them out, so I bought a ton of them. Several are little ones like this; many are much larger. They're taking up a pretty big chunk of floor space, so I'm trying to fill them with paintings as quickly as I can. Only problem with that is, with two painters in the family, our walls are already covered.

And speaking of my wife, Susan got a chance to get out and do some painting this weekend, and brought back a beautiful landscape with some Monterey cypress along a waterfront. If she lets me I'll post a picture of it later.


Kierstyn Paulino said...

Hi Mr. Givler,

On fasting Monday before Election Day: I was already planning on it! :D In fact, if time permits I might even write a post on it and link here.

If not, I'll just do a major word of mouth campaign and see if I can get some people to do it.


Steven Givler said...

Fantastic! Thanks.