Friday, September 29, 2006


I think I'm done with this one. The client picks it up tomorrow, so I'd better be. I'm never quite sure though; I might see one or two small details crying out for attention when I get up in the morning.

The addition of the branches on the left came to me when I was having coffee with my friend Eric today in Carmel by the Sea. The sleeve on my coffee cup had a photograph of a stretch of beach not far from the one depicted in this painting, and it was framed by branches on each side. I've been feeling like the composition lacked balance on the left side, and when I saw the photo I knew I wanted to add a branch or two to even things out.


RobertDWood said...

That does make it a lot better.

Steven Givler said...

Thanks! It's kind of scary starting something in the middle of the sky like that. Once you start, you're committed. I think I pulled it off though. I'll see later today what my client thinks.

Ghecko said...

It does make it better, thats for sure.

One thing about 'flow' though, when you look at a picture, you want the eye to flow accross the screen, so you put objects that zinda 'zig-zag' accros the screen. I.e. Your leaves accross the left side you painted are perfect, but it would have been better had you either painted them lower so the eye moved from the trees to the right, down to the branches in the left, OR, even better would be to paint them like they are, and paint the tree on the right a little lower so the eye moved from the upper left, down to mid right.

Thats just my very cheap two cents. The painting is perfect, though. I like it!

Ghecko said...

Actually, I take that back. the flow works well with the waves going from the upper right, to the lower left.

Steven Givler said...

Composition is a tough nut to crack. Thanks for the ideas. I'll see if I can put them to use in my next painting.