Monday, September 25, 2006

(Bad) Book News

First, here's a look at the progress I'm making on my commissioned painting. As you can see, I decided against a sunset. Instead, I hung a daytime moon in the upper left, just for fun, and to balance out the composition a bit. Over the next day or so, I'll work in the details of the trees, painting in the shadows and wrinkles in the bark and bringing some branches and needles into the foreground over some of the branches that were masked out. When it's done there will be a good deal less branch showing in the upper parts of the trees.

When that's finished I'll paint in the Pacific, and the details of the rocky coastline.

Now for the book news. After much emailing and admonishment I finally got the proof from my (so-called) publisher. Keep in mind that the book was supposed to be released before Father's Day. Anyway, the proof arrived, and I have to say it's a proof in name only. Really, it's more like a rough draft. Instead of being a look at how the book is going to appear, with the text accompanied by appropriate paintings, I got the text of the book and a stack of photocopied images of my paintings, most of which are terrible - either washed out, lousy resolution, or freakishly bright with ridiculous contrasts. Some of my paintings weren't in the stack at all, and some were represented multiple times, with various levels of quality. There was no explanation accompanying them.

Also missing were the dust jacket notes, the all-important Department of Defense disclaimer, and the table of contents. I'm thoroughly disgusted, and while it may add another year or so to the production process, I'm within an inch of firing these clowns - which I can do because they have been just as lazy about signing a contract as they have about getting my proof to me.

I'll let you know what happens next.

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