Friday, January 06, 2006

Synopsis of New Book

"Every Note of Joy and Sadness - Words and Images from the War on Terror" is a collection of the letters and paintings of Major Steven Givler, detailing his two deployments to the Persian Gulf.

Given a paint set by his wife to “keep him out of trouble” on his first deployment, Givler began painting the surrounding desert and scenes of life on base. He has painted almost daily ever since, earning space for his work in two prominent art galleries.

Major Givler’s letters draw on more than 300 hours in the air over Iraq, and travels on the ground throughout the theater of operations. With humor, love, and pride in the youth of America, Every Note of Joy and Sadness carries its readers from the cockpit of an Air Force surveillance aircraft, refueling above the Iraqi desert, to dusty outposts in Ramadi and Taqadam. They document the liberation by American sons and daughters of Iraq’s 15 million oppressed souls.

Every Note of Joy and Sadness brings an American eye to the flat desert light of Arabia, and an American voice to the birth of freedom in Iraq.


Keith Miller said...


Congratulations on the new book! The artwork is great as is everything you write. I'm really looking forward to my signed copy!


Cheryl Gibson said...


Iam Susan Lueckenbach's (Santee) sister-in-law. You went to school with my sister Sharon. I am also an Army spouse. My husband is a Major in ADA. I truly enjoyed reading your exerpts from your book sent via, Gordon and Sue. It shed some light on what really is going on and what my husband does not always share when deployed or TDY. Many blessings to you and your family.
God Bless
Cheryl Gibson