Thursday, January 12, 2006

Book News!

Looks like my book, "Notes of Joy and Sadness" will be out this spring. It's a collection of paintings from my two deployments in support of the War on Terror, and letters that I wrote home during that time.

I'm honored to have some great people sending in their reviews; I'll post them here as they come in.


"Steven Givler's first-person account of the war in Iraq is just what Americans need: the real story from a man who was there. Givler's narrative beautifully demonstrates the honor and courage of our men and women in the field, and encourages us all to remember that it is they who protect and defend our freedom -- and bring freedom to those who have never before experienced it. Support for our armed services has never been more vital, and Givler reminds us why."

-- Ben Shapiro, nationally syndicated columnist
Author, "Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth" and "Porn Generation: How Social Liberalism Is Corrupting Our Future"

Endorsement for Steven Givler’s “Every Note of Joy and Sadness”

During OIF, I was fortunate to receive many of Major Steven Givler’s original wartime emails now transformed into “Every Note of Joy and Sadness.” They provided the “I was there” feeling and many of his observations were later confirmed by my own experiences in Iraq. “Every Note of Joy and Sadness” insightfully and artistically reveals a side of war that entertains, intrigues and informs. Because few of us are given the privilege to see, feel and hear battle from the cockpit, Steven has vicariously taken the reader with him through the roller coaster ride of emotions and physical discomforts of war at 30,000 feet. He’s a talented writer and artist. His faith comes through loudly providing context, encouragement and teaching. His professionalism and love of country are inspiring.

Robert L. Maginnis
Lieutenant Colonel Robert (Bob) Maginnis, US Army (retired) is an experienced and internationally known expert on national security and foreign affairs. He currently serves as a national security and foreign affairs analyst for Moody Broadcasting Radio Network, Salem Radio Network, and is a regular guest on several other radio networks. He recently completed a year as a Fox News military analyst. He is a senior systems analyst with BCP International Limited, an Alexandria, VA-based company where his primary duties involve working on multinational programs for the Department of the Army. Since October of 2002, Colonel Maginnis has been a member of Secretary Donald Rumsfeld's Military Analyst Group.

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