Monday, June 10, 2013

Sketches and photos

Yesterday I got to do a little sketching in Sintra.  This is a favorite view of mine, with one of the spectacular Raul Lino houses showing through the trees on the hillside.

You may already know that this is a place I like returning to; it was the subject of a large painting I did about two years ago:
When I finished that sketch, I turned around and did a quick one of the National Palace of Sintra which was just behind me as I was sketching the house on the hill.

Earlier that morning, Bica and I had a good walk on Guincho Beach.  She made friends with a fisherman, and I asked him to take our picture:

On the way back from the beach, I finally had the chance to take a picture I've been wanting ever since I got my Land Rover: (Extra credit if you figured out that the house in the background, next to the Cascais Lighthouse, was also designed by Raul Lino.) 

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Ran said...

There's something macho and honest about the Defender that I really dig. Reminds me of the Duntov era Corvettes (and conversely, Coco Chanel's black dresses.)

Right. Portugal. I think you're going to miss it.