Friday, March 15, 2013

My New Car

My friend Senhor L. and I heard that two Land Rover Defenders were going to be auctioned off by a military unit that was closing down, so we went and had a look at them.  They seemed to be in pretty good shape, so we each put in a bid.

We won.

Mine is the blue one - a 1999 model with 139K kilometers, and Senhor L. is now the proud owner of the white one, which is two years newer and has about 20K fewer kilometers on the meter.  We need to wait for some paperwork to be completed, and they could each use some new tires.  Then we'll be driving safari-style.

I can't wait.


Ran said...

...and probably easy to work on, too. Nice catch!

Mardell Tobin said...

The Defender’s design may not be the most attractive, especially if you pit it against the cars of today. But then again, it’s not meant to look fancy and is all about its off-road capabilities. The fact that it’s easy to repair after taking a beating is a good selling point. Even with all the mileage on both cars, I call that a great deal.

Steven Givler said...

Not that 139,000 KM is high mileage; it's only 89,000 miles, which is very low for a '99 model.

Andre Brennan said...

The pure raw power of a Land Rover is bar none the best I’ve seen so far. I bought one in 2001 and I am still using when I go to off-road treks. The key to being able to use it for so long is that every time I go on long or off road drives, I check every part of the car. In doing this, I am able to track on what parts need maintenance or replacement. Should a part need a replacement, I do it right away to prevent more problems.

Andre Brennan