Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Agree: Reinstate the Draft

Retired Army General Stanley McChrystal said recently, that he thinks that reinstating the draft in some form might be a good idea.  This puts him about two years behind former Congressman Barney Frank, and while nobody who knows me would ever expect to hear me say it, I agree with both of them.

Clearly, certain elements of our society are missing from the roles of those who serve, while other elements are too-well represented. This is an egregious error, and will cause untold problems in the not-too-distant future.

To rectify the situation, I propose that we instate not only a draft, but a selective one at that. Effective immediately, I would press into service members of those under-represented classes, and force out many of those currently serving.

If put into action, my plan would remove liars, cheats, thieves, and whoremongers from Congress and replace them with Midwestern farmers, New Jersey mechanics, Texas ranchers, and various small businessmen from all the other states.

I know it will cause a strain on the under-represented honest classes, and I know they will resist. A certain number might even flee to Canada to avoid serving their terms. In the long run though, I believe the country will see that this is in everyone’s best interest.

Please write your elected representatives and tell them to institute the draft.


SiVisPacem said...

Ok, for starters, Barney's Frank was never a Senator, and furthermore, I'd never want to follow him (nor have him on my six. Jus' sayin'.)

Now I, too, would introduce the draft, but for a select few... and that would be accomplished by direct cranial tunneling - I'm thinking high-velocity 7.62 bit - sufficient to open up a little fresh air and sunlight where dark malodorous miasmas presently lurk. Yes, yes, the mess.

Your method may turn out to be neater in the long run, but I'm thinking that to get there, there has to be a "Step A."

Steven Givler said...

You're right on both counts about Fwank. I'll have to correct my post.

There was a time when serving in Congress was just that - service - and people were glad to get back to their lives after a term. I'd like to see us return to that frame of mind.