Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Dog and a Coffee

Sometime after the great earthquake of 1755, coffee and coffee houses established themselves in Lisbon.  Some say this was the work of the Marques de Pombal, who planned and helped rebuild the city, while others say it had more to do with coffee being an important export of so many Portuguese colonies.

Whichever is the case, as coffee, which is typically served as an espresso, began to gain in popularity, it was accompanied around Lisbon by advertisements recommending that it be drank with sugar.  The ads looked something like this:


This is why, around Lisbon, a typical Portuguese coffee is referred to as a Bica. 

This seems like a fitting name for the dog who leaped the garden wall and made herself at home here.  Her coloring is very coffee-like, and her disposition is very sweet.
She's energetic and affectionate, but she's also calm and gentle, especially after she's chased the ball or gone for a walk.
She seems to like nothing better than just being around people.  Any time I walk out my gate, odds are that she'll be waiting there, hoping to be taken for a walk, or brought inside for a bite to eat.  If I am on my way walking somewhere, she'll accompany me.  When this happens, nearly everyone we meet will say, "Oh, is this your dog?  She's been in my yard."  Nobody seems to mind, but everyone expresses concern that she's going to be hit by a car.  This has happened at least once already, according to her owner, but he still doesn't keep her at home.  

If I can convince her not to eat the family cats, I'll ask the owner to let me have her.  

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Ran / SVP said...

Yeah! I'm sure Kiki will have a say. Don't be so sure that the dog would survive: I have seen a cat attack and chase collies. This Kiki gal is far bigger than her exterior dimensions.