Sunday, January 15, 2012

Riding with the kids

Yesterday was another battle in the campaign against sluggishness.  The kids and I rode our bikes down the hill from our home in Estoril to the sea, and then along the walkway to Cascais.  When I proposed the idea, neither of them was enthusiastic; they wanted to sit around inside, watching cartoons and playing video games.  Once I got them on their bikes and into the sunshine, though, they really had a good time.

Since the weather was so nice, there were a lot of people out walking around, and when people walk on the paths by the sea here, they have no sense of lanes, or traffic, or hey-maybe-I-ought-not-to-lurch-suddenly-from-one-side-of-the-path-to-the-other.  I consider this a perfect training environment for kids who are developing their bike-handling skills.  They have a moving obstacle course to contend with, but no cars to worry about.

Zoe wasn't thrilled about the climb back up the hill to our house, but she's a trooper, and the toughed it out.

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Ran said...

Lucky kids!