Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Ahmadinejad Leads the Way

Mahmoud (Mo Jad) Ahmadinejad, rapper extraordinaire and part-time President of Iran, has announced his support for the controversial law mandating conservative underwear for the women of his country.

Last month, street protests greeted the announcement of the mandate by religious authorities, and even ultra conservative Shi’ite leaders questioned the wisdom of the law, asking how it could be enforced.

MoJad though, who has always infused his rap videos with the latest technology (Almost all of his videos this year were shot in color, and industry leaders say there is a rumor of an upcoming 3-D video for the title track of his much anticipated album, “Imam of Slam.”) has advanced the idea of the ban, insisting that the law can be enforced, not only at the point of sales, but also by patrols equipped with special “X-ray Spectacles,” which he ordered from the back pages of a western magazine he acquired during his latest concert tour.

The trend-setting leader even volunteered to lead the first patrol, which he referred to as a “panty posse,” graciously donating his precious time to stamping out vice, and defending the world-famous virtue of Iranian women.

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Ran said...

I hear he's working on a super-duper X-ray Spectacular in the basement. (Although many Israelis, of all people, x-spect it to bomb.)