Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moh'jad "US be Trippin."

Gangsta rap sensation and part-time leader of Iran, Mahmoud "Moh'jad" Ahmadinejad, today denounced US accusations of his involvement in an attempt to assassinate the Saudi Ambassador to the US.

Freshly returned from a wildly successful tour promoting his latest album, and a speech to the UN in New York City, Moh'jad paused to explain that US accusations of an Iranian plot were nothing more than attempts by the Obama administration to divert attention away from a collasping US economy and disastrous foreign policy decisions by the President and his Secretary of State. 

He ended his statement with a riff that was trademark Moh'jad, backed up by an impressive beatbox laid down by al Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Qassim "Sly" Suleimani, and a spontaneous display of the Islamo-hip-hop breakdancing that heralded his introduction to the world stage all those years ago. 

"Dem Zionists, Dey be da lyinists.  Dey layin' blame, but I ain't play dat game.  I ain't no fluke.  I buildin' nukes.  You raise my ire, I rain down fire.  I call my man, the 12th Imam, he don' play aroun.  He lay you down.   Boyy."
White House spokesman Jay Carney said that the administration would provide a response, as soon as the presidential teleprompter had been programmed to run at hip-hop speed.

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