Tuesday, October 18, 2011

"The Hill" Headlines with a Lie.

The unfortunately (but accurately) named Justin Stink had an article in yesterday's "The Hill" the headline of which proclaims, "Santorum calls SNL sketch 'bullying'."

My immediate response, and that of many others, judging by the comments after the article, was that the former senator from Pennsylvania needs to pull up his big-boy pants and get rid of the pacifier.  When I read the article though, it became clear that the person in need of maturation is Mr. Stink. 

Santorum said he never saw the sketch, which I find believable, seeing as SNL hasn't been funny in years, and he didn't comment on it.  He did say that the left resorts to bullying more often than the right, but never equated the sketch to bullying. That statement exists soley in the mind of the author, and now in the minds of his misinformed readers.

Doesn't "The Hill" have any journalistic standards?

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Ran said...

"Doesn't "The Hill" have any journalistic standards?"

[cough] Depends upon their definition of "standards."

FYI - http://washingtonexaminer.com/