Saturday, August 13, 2011

Riots in England - Democracy in Action

Plenty has been said about the riots in England, so I'll let my words be few.  The riots are nothing more than the emergence of democracy in its purest, most efficient form.

Democracy is, of course, nothing more than majority rule.  And if the majority wishes  to ransack your shop and burn your home, who do you think you are to stand in the way of democracy?  Why, you'd have to be old-fashioned to think you have anything to say in the matter.  In fact, you're probably one of those people President Obama referred to - one of those bitter hold-outs, still clinging to your God and your guns, and the antiquated notion that democracy is a thing to be greatly feared.

Well if you are, then I'm glad to know you.  You're probably already aware of this, but for anyone who isn't, it bears mentioning that there's a reason our Founders gave us, not a democracy, but a federal republic.  Its purpose is not to empower the majority, but to protect the rights of the most endangered minority - the individual. 

For those shop-keepers, sales-staff, and homeowners in England who've seen their world turn to ashes this week, you have my sympathy.  More importantly though, I hope you have to will and the ability to fashion a government that protects your rights, instead of one that denies you even the most basic one of all, the right to defend your property, your life, and the lives of those around you.

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Ran said...

Amen. I wonder if they'll ever pull out of this dive.

There was a 1911 for sale locally a few months ago - it had a curious UK stamp on it. Slabsides had been lent to the Brits during WWII. The package included it's travel and return documentation.

You know... I have a reliable 1911 here I'd be gland to lend if the Brits ever made an official request.

Even better yet, the Brits lent us men who wrote the Constitution. How about they import that and keep it?