Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grey Death

It's been a busy week for Kiki the grim reaper.  In the last nine days, she's dispatched two small rats, a dove, a pidgeon, and this mouse, all of which she very kindly brought home to show us.  The two small rats were still alive, and she had a great time chasing them up and down the hall before I finished them off.  This mouse was already dead, but she still played with it for quite a while.  I took it away when she started eating it.  The crunching sound kind of creeped me out.  She made it clear she was unhappy with me, but I think she'll get over it.


JC said...

That's "Serving Suggestion" to you.

Ran said...

"Serving Suggestion." Perfect.

Yeah, that crunching sound... especially while she's purring. Oh yum. I would just breath in a bit and shake my head, and move the cat off the carpet or back outside.