Monday, August 15, 2011

An Arch, A House, And an Aqueduct

Here's another of my paintings of Lisbon landmarks.  This is the Arco da Rua Augusta, which gives onto the Praca do Comercio.  Through the arch at the end of the street, you can see the statue of King Jose I, which graces the center of the Praca.

Although the statue was designed to be viewed from the opposite side (You're looking at his horse's backside from this direction.) I prefer this view because the Rua da Augusta and the Arch make a nice frame within a frame.

This isn't in Lisbon, but it's one of the houses in my neighborhood that I've been wanting to paint for a long time.

And this is the Aqueduct that brought water to Lisbon's west side, across the Alcantara Valley.  I posted another painting of this aqueduct a couple months ago, and wrote about how it provided the location for the infamous serial killer of Lisbon, who, in the late 1700s, threw more than 70 people over its sides.

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I like this set, Steven. Cheers.