Monday, May 23, 2011

"Staunch Ally" besieges US Ambassador

According to the Yemen Times  (hat tip Jane Novak) an armed mob hundreds strong besieged US, EU, and UK Ambassadors Sunday, preventing their depature from the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Yemen.  They had met there to discuss initiatives related to Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's promised resignation, a promise he unsurprisingly, failed to keep.  The ambassadors were trapped for over six hours, and had to be extracted by helicopter.  The State Department, which confirmed the situation, expressed outrage at the action, and called on  President Saleh to live up to his obligations to safeguard the lives of diplomats working in his country.

The question behind all this is how Saleh, who was described by the administration as our "staunch ally" in the war on terror, can have so quickly changed from ally to threat.

The answer, as I have indicated in earlier posts, is that he has never been an ally.  Only now, as pressure mounts against him, are his true motivations made obvious even to those who have steadfastly insisted on his good will.

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