Thursday, May 19, 2011

Note to Newt

Dear Newt,

Hang it up. Go home. Your ego is showing, and it’s not pretty. You had a chance to do something all those years ago and you squandered it. Now you’re just pathetic.

And let me assure you, I’m nowhere near membership in any “elite Beltway cocktail party circuit.” Nor am I among the “literati” or their “minions,” or any of the other groups you to whom you attribute any and all criticism. I’m just a guy who knows an empty suit when he sees one.

Maybe you and David Brooks can form a club or something.

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Ran said...

Hey Steven: A club for squishies? Hmmmm.

Hey... I gotcher club right here.

Newt blew it back in '09 with his repeated support for NY-23's RINO Dede Scuzzi over the first (unofficial) Tea Party candidate Doug Hoffman.

That was his opportunity to earn his creds with the Tea revolution - and so he did. Problem for Newt was that he betrayed nearly everything he had once upheld during the Reagan years. Piling-on to Ryan as he did recently doubled-down on a flawed reputation. There are some things that can not be walked back.

A hero with mixed blessings.