Friday, February 18, 2011

Press Whitewashes Egyptian Cabdriver's Jihad in San Diego

My friend in the blogosphere Eric Dondero published this report about an Egyptian cab driver living in San Diego who drove his cab into a crowd outside a nightclub on 12 Feb.  Reports say 30-some people were injured, two-thirds of them seriously.  One woman may have had a leg amputated as a result.

As Eric points out, journalists are largely failing to mention that the driver in question, who some are calling "Sam Daley," but who is actually named Osama Hassan El-Darandaly, is a devout Muslim.  After his cab stopped, he tried to continue his attack with a pair of scissors. 

The press are also inferring that his attack may be linked in some way to financial woes, as it appears his house is being foreclosed upon. 

More likely, as far as I'm concerned, is that El-Darandaly (Sam Daley?  Really?) was affected by this, Al Qaeda's "Inspire" magazine, edition 2, which details how to select the best spot for mowing people down with your vehicle.  Helpful hints include,
Pick your location and timing carefully. Go for the most crowed locations. Narrower spots are also better because it gives less chance for the people to run away. Avoid locations where other vehicles may intercept you.
You can call me paranoid if you like, but I have to wonder about a press that anglicizes the perpetrator's name, completely fails to mention that he may have an Islamic motivation for his attack, and publishes benign-sounding statements about an attempted mass-murderer like, "Cabbie out of hospital after crash that hurt 35."

So glad you're out of the hospital, Sam.  Now maybe we can get you into prison where you belong.

Update Jihad Watch was way ahead of me on this one.


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