Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dutch now most-claimed faux nationality

Stolen from the Libertarian Republican

Everyone claims they’re at least partially Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day, and most Americans claim to be at least a little bit native American (especially if being so entitles them to open their own casino) but with the surge in popularity of the new libertarian-leaning government in the Netherlands, we may all soon be claiming a Dutch uncle somewhere in the family history.

As for me, I've always maintained that the height of civilization is a nice pub where they'll let you smoke a good cigar.  One of the first acts of the new Dutch government was to lift the ban on smoking in pubs and cafes. 
Maybe I'll start spelling my name with two i's. 


Ran said...

...that, or, you and your wife could simply go Dutch.

Ran said...

Well, we know of at least ONE chap who's claiming American citizenship. No, wait...