Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zach's Mountain Bike

Several weeks ago I posted some photos of Zach and me building him a mountain bike.  I'd planned to build the bike over the course of the summer, and in the process, teach Zach a bit about bikes, tools, and patience.  In the end, then, I'd hoped he'd still be interested, and we'd do some riding together.

We both learned some things along the way.  Zach probably learned some of the things I'd hoped to teach.  (Some of them he no doubt knew already.) and I learned a bit about patience myself. 

Finally we got everything put together.  I built a roof rack for my car, we put the bikes on top, and off we went to some trails near Guincho.  The bike worked great and we both had a fantastic time.
 The obligatory break check in the parking lot.
Zach's a natural climber and has a fantastic sense of balance.
Tired but happy.


Opus #6 said...

OMGosh! Zach is SO precious! (don't tell him I said that).

One of my boys is 11 and likes biking as well. Super cool that you have the nifty car-top rack. I went so far as to have a tow hitch put on my minivan so the 4-bike rack would sit nicely on back. In CA the only good trails must be driven to.

Steven Givler said...

Thanks for stopping by! We lived in Carmel for a couple of years. There were some trails there, and at what used to be Fort Ord, in Monterey, but as you said, we had to drive to get to them. Portugal is nuts about mountain biking, and there are trails all over the place.