Sunday, June 13, 2010


I have lots of different things on my mind today, so this will be a collection of scattered thoughts. First, this is another view of the palace at Sintra. Why the big chimneys, you ask? I don't know. I think someone was compensating for a deficiency elsewhere.

Here's a small (3 X 5) painting I did of the same scene.

And here's a scene I hope to paint soon. I took this today, just before I jumped in the pool. I like the color, the simplicity, and the abstractness. Like most things that appear to be simple, this will be very demanding technically, and I'll be thinking about it for a while before I try it out.

This is the stairway down to my studio, with the morning light streaming in. This too, appears to be very simple, but there's a lot going on here, and it'll be fun to paint. A lot of these subjects are probably of no interest to anyone but myself, and I paint without much hope of selling them, just because for some reason the images seize my imagination and won't let go until I do. Sometimes I even dream about them, and sometimes I have to paint them more than once before they leave me alone.

Incidentally, this is what my studio looks like. It's in the basement, and it can be damp in the winter, but it's on the side of the house where the ground slopes away toward the south, so I get good light all day long.

Here, my daughter's cat Kiki poses on a shamagh, just under that stairway window I showed you above. This would make a fun painting too.

Here's another fun subject. These bougainvilleas from my courtyard feature an infinite number of differing shades of red. There are many aspects of watercolor that make it more difficult (so I'm told) than working in other media, but one of the things I love is its fluidity. When exploited properly, that makes shifting between shades easier than I think it would be in oil or acrylic. (I say I think, because I've never tried any media other than watercolor.)

And these philodendrons have just as many different shades of green. I like this photograph a lot. It seems very peaceful to me. Does that make sense?

Of course, as much as I'll enjoy these small-scale subjects, my first love was landscapes, and I'll be doing lots more of them.

And maybe even a portrait or two.

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Keith Miller said...

Great pics! I especially like the one of you and Zoe.