Sunday, May 23, 2010


I'm posting these pictures for my brother and father, who are civil engineers. (Look up Givler Engineering, and you'll find their firms.) They design bridges and dams and retaining walls and things like that, so I figured they'd be interested in these photos of a high retaining wall that failed in my neighborhood. Yep, when the Givler guys get together, it's a laugh a minute.

This winter we got more rain than anybody can remember having had before, but if a Givler had designed this retaining wall, I bet it would still be standing.


Ran said...

Landslide... know, when I think of "landslide" I think "Ronald Reagan."

This wall collapse: Are there no drainage channels?

Steven Givler said...

Now that's something worth posting about.

No drainage channels, but the walls are porous. They're built of large mesh boxes full of rocks. The water should be able to drain right through them. I think though, that the soil was just saturated with water and the wall wasn't designed for all the weight. That's my theory, at least. I'm the one guy in the family who's not an engineer though.

Ran / Si Vis Pacem said...

Hey Steven,

Here's something you may enjoy.