Monday, October 12, 2009

I Scooped Newsweek by a Month!

You may have seen this at, (Joe Biden, White House Truth Teller) or you can go directly to it here: in either case, it’s clear that Newsweek, although a little slow in the uptake, has caught on to what I pointed out on 12 September in “Joe Wilson, Joe Biden, and the Dangerous Truth Strategy.” (

The point I made is that Biden’s celebrated tendency to blurt out the truth might actually be a clever ruse, as opposed to a simple case of Tourette syndrome.

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Aluminati said...

Steven, I revisited your article, read it out loud to Mark, and we laughed ourselves silly!
Steven, you are truly a gifted writer and painter. Your writing/commentary should be featured on a major weblog or news magazine.
Speaker Pelosi is a "piece of work" and you nailed her!-eww! Since your article, she has had several " truth moments"; her unforgettable visceral denunciation of "tea party" protesters as Swastika-types and her tearful recollections of the 70's-when she saw h-h-h-hateful speech-which rendered her limp and plunged her into fits of unfettered blinking and squirrel-like convulsions [her meds must be much for Congressional Cadillac health-care!] It is amazing that she has reached such a high position in government...

I'm looking forward to more insights from Steven Givler...please!!!