Monday, August 17, 2009

The Long Crossing

A camel contemplates the broad emptiness between himself and the next spring. This is a little painting - about 3.5 X 9 inches. Years ago I was deeply impressed by the tiny landscapes of Frank Reaugh, which I first saw in Abilene, Texas. (Since then, I've also seen them in San Angelo, just about 90 miles south of Abilene.) Because he often worked outside, in the unrelenting West Texas wind, Mr. Reaugh worked small. Somehow, he managed to pack so much information and expression into his little pastels, that they conveyed the huge sweeping vistas of the western U.S. in a way that is still vivid in my memory. This is a small tribute to his work which, by the way, he did in the hopes that it would reflect the grandness of creation and the glory of the Creator.
If you click on the title of this post (The Long Crossing) you can view some of Mr. Reaugh's work.


Ella said...

Bravo! I love your painting, I've stumbled on to your blog through the comment you left on the Oasis magazine blog. I must say your painting are beautiful, you manage to capture the charm of Saudi Arabia that I have seem to forgotten. Lovely work, keep it up.

Steven Givler said...

Thank you Ella, I'm grateful for your kind words.

Kul Ahm, wa enti bikhir

Ella said...

Your welcome,Kul Ahm Wenta B'khayr.