Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Right Way and the Wrong Way

There's a right way and a wrong way of doing just about anything, but when it comes to getting a vehicle over a steep sand dune, doing it the wrong way is very hard to avoid. At this point in our trip we were about 7 hours from the nearest paved road. Caution had been the hallmark of our every move so far, and would continue to be until we got home. In the case of cresting a steep sand dune though, a little caution can get you very stuck. In the driving course I took before coming out here, my instructor told me that you have to accelerate through the crest of the dune to avoid bottoming out and getting stuck. As you're climbing though, all you can see through your windshield is the sky, and, unless you're a maniac, the last thing you feel like doing is keeping the pressure on the gas pedal as your car seems to be launching itself into outer space.

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